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Welcome to Pro Smile Dental Care. We are one of the leading dental care facilities in NSW catering to Northmead community and its surrounding suburbs. With experienced dentist in Northmead to establishing a complete dental care unit, we consider every aspect that would define your dental healthcare. Therefore, at our centre expect a top-quality dental service in a comfortable and friendly way.

Address your Issue with Quality Dental Treatment

Always remember to look out for the best hands in the town for getting the Best dental treatment. Explore what Pro Smile Dental Care can do for you.

If you have misaligned tooth line or irregularity in the jaw area, then opt for orthodontics. We have the reputed and well-experienced orthodontist in Northmead who will take every measure to get your teeth repositioned and bring back the aesthetic beauty in your smile.

Why ProDental Care?

Amongst the other service providers in the market, we are one of the most reliable and reputed ones in the industry. Our proven ways and methods that will help you get back your ideal smile.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the treatment you are opting for ends up fulfilling your requirements. The following are some of the cases where you need to see the best orthodontist in Northmead–

  • Improper Spacing between two teeth
  • Malalignment of the teeth and the jawline
  • Crossbite, underbite or overbite

Over these years, we have always striven to deliver you the top-quality service. Therefore, with a collective effort of each of the orthodontist in Northmead, we have been joining hands with the people within our community to address these oral healthcare issues immediately. 

Get in touch with us and allow us to put a smile on your face. We cater to all your services at the best price.

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